One of the most fulfilling ways to help our little buddies is volunteering as a foster home. On many occasions we want to help but we can’t, either because the shelter is far away from our place or because we lack the tools or skills. BY BEING A FOSTER PARENT, however, you could offer a lot of help. Foster homes are extremely necessary for very ill or very weak animals, puppies and kittens since their immune system is not as strong as in an adult or healthy animal.
Give it some thought and if you decide to become a foster home, fill in the following form below and forward it to:

In case you don’t know what a foster home does:

The work of a foster home is basically taking care of the dog or cat for a period of time (depending on the case, some months or a little longer than expected), letting us know the development of the animal at home, their character, behavior, needs, and so on. 
The expenses are APADAC’s responsibility. While the foster family takes care of the dog or cat, we try to find the best possible and final family for them.
It may be a very short help or a temporary situation so foster families need to be committed and understanding.

Download the shelter home contract