It costs a little and helps a lot!

You may be an animal lover but you've decided not to adopt one for several reasons:
You already have too many animals at home but want to help others find a home like yours.
If you spend a lot of time away from home, therefore it’s difficult to take the doggie out 3 times a day and meet their emotional needs.
Your children want to have an animal but you're not convinced because you've never had one before.
You live in a rented apartment and are not allowed to keep animals.
You live with your parents and they do not want to have a pet at home.
You suffer from allergies
The benefits:
A pet’s sponsor is responsible for the maintenance and necessities of a certain dog or cat while the sponsored pet continues living with us at the shelter or even at a foster home. You would pay for maintenance such as (food, meds, vaccines) and we will take care of him or her for you.
Once you become a sponsor the animal would be bound to you for the duration of the sponsorship or until he or she is adopted. You can visit them on Saturday afternoons or call to find out how they are.
The purpose of sponsorship is to ensure that their immediate basic needs are met (food, health, shelter) until we find them a suitable home. Once we have found a suitable adoptive parent, which is the main objective, you can decide whether you would like to continue with this kind service by sponsoring another animal of your choice.

The fee that the sponsors generally offer is around 60 € per year (which matches 5 € a month) or you can subscribe quarterly (15 € / every 3 months) or half a year (30 € / every 6 months).
You can fill out the sponsorship form and send it back to us. Sponsorship form