When we welcome pets into our home we benefit much more than initially believed. Their therapeutic effect has been demonstrated on countless occasions using various species of animals, mainly dogs and cats to treat people with disabilities. They provide both physical and mental well being based on the calming effect they produce.
Pets can ease our loneliness, reduce our stress, promote social interaction, encourage exercise and playfulness and shower us with unconditional love and affection.
Of course, pet ownership also comes with many responsibilities and should not be undertaken lightly. To best enjoy a healthy, nurturing relationship with a pet and experience the many therapeutic benefits a domestic animal can offer it’s important to choose a pet that’s right for your lifestyle.


The vast majority of children show curiosity and an interest in animals. Having to deal directly with the care of their pets (feeding, walking, brushing), as well as receive their unconditional love they also discover a magnificent playmate. Children start to develop life skills such as responsibility and discipline which they never forget and is inevitably applied in aspects throughout their own life.

The elderly receive the affection and companionship they need, it gives them a purpose to live and significantly boosts self-esteem, optimism and pleasure. Having a pet requires them also to exercise, gives them a sense of responsibility when left alone but above all, helps them to socialize. By taking our pets for a walk in the park we meet new people therefore develop new relationships.

Animals continually give us lessons of love, affection, friendship, courage, patience, companionship and the desire to live life. Above all it’s their unwavering loyalty which makes them unique and irreplaceable and worthy of our respect and consideration. In short, people who adopt a pet, experience an improvement in their quality of life.

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